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Cheers with a WHITE WINE MARGARITA! This easy recipe for a crowd makes a fast pitcher of the best ever white wine cocktail, simple and refreshing!


Combining two of my favorite drinks into the ultimate easy cocktail: White Wine Margaritas!

If you guys couldn’t tell, I have a slight love affair with Margaritas. So far in life, I haven’t met a margarita I didn’t love (I have A LOT of margarita recipes on the site!). There’s just something so refreshing and fabulous about an ice cold marg (served with a big side of QUESO of course!).

I’m also a big wine lover. There’s nothing better at the end of a long day than a few sips of a good wine. So it only made sense to mix both together and create the ultimate cocktail, WHITE WINE MARGARITAS!
Tequila and wine sounds like a strange combination at first, but I’m here to tell you that it just WORKS. The best of the best right here, folks. This white wine cocktail is refreshing, easy, and right up my alley. I’m hOBSESSED!

Invite your best girlfriends over, make up a pitcher (or two) of these, and enjoy. It also makes the perfect drink for reality TV night, FYI.


I’m loving this mashup of two of my favorite things. It’s like they were just always meant to be. Like hot dogs and baseball, Scout and Pat, or wings and beer. White Wine Margaritas will definitely surprise you with how good they are. 
They’re super easy to make too. You can make an entire pitcher at once, so it’s easy to serve a group.
  • In a large pitcher, combine the wine, limeade, orange juice, and tequila. Fill the empty limeade can with water twice and mix into the pitcher. Stir to combine.
  • Take a lime wedge and wet the rim of each glass. Dip into sea salt to coat. Fill each glass with ice and pour White Wine Margaritas over ice. Garnish with lime or orange slices.
So simple and so delicious!
We have compiled all of our fave Margarita Recipes in a guide! Be sure to check it out for all our best tips, tricks, barware, flavor variations, and more! You’ll surely be inspired to whip up some margaritas for your next occasion.
Cheers to good friends, good wine, and wine mixed with margaritas. Best stuff on Earth! 
See the recipe card for details on how to make thuis White Wine Margarita Cocktail. Enjoy!


Be sure to try these other easy pitcher cocktail recipes for your next gathering:
Grapefruit White Wine Spritzer
Need a light and refreshing cocktail? This white wine spritzer pairs grapefruit with sweet Moscato for easy drinking any time of year!
Grapefruit White Wine Spritzer 2976 Composite Web - Grapefruit White Wine Spritzer
Jump Button - Grapefruit White Wine Spritzer
Grapefruit White WIne Spritzer 3089 Web - Grapefruit White Wine Spritzer
Ever since we were gifted a Soda Stream by one of Kevin’s very generous coworkers, I’ve been all in on spritzers. I’ve always enjoyed a splash of club soda in my cocktails, like my skinny iced tea vodka, but now I don’t have to run to the store for cocktail hour to get bubbly!

So, I thought I’d whip up a white wine spritzer recipe. I decided to pair it with another new fave, Deep Eddy’s grapefruit vodka. I absolutely love this liquor because it’s packed with real grapefruit. It’s tart, just a little sweet and the color is gorgeous!
Because grapefruit vodka is so crisp, I went with a sweet white wine. We taste tested the recipe using Donna Isabella Sparkling Moscato and Kendall Jackson Vinter’s Reserve Riesling.  The moscato made a sweeter cocktail while the riesling version was more tart, but both were great!
This cocktail is crisp, refreshing and so easy! It’s the kind of drink that’s great for busy weeknights, impromptu guests or porch sipping. Because it’s currently winter, I garnished my drink with a fresh slice of grapefruit (citrus is in season after all) and a sprig of rosemary which makes it feel more like a winter cocktail.

How to make a white wine spritzer

Grapefruit White Wine Spritzer 2989 Web - Grapefruit White Wine Spritzer
First, you’ll need a large wine glass that holds 12 ounces of liquid or more. Then drop in some ice cubes.
Grapefruit White Wine Spritzer 2995 Web - Grapefruit White Wine Spritzer
Pour a shot of grapefruit vodka over the ice.
Grapefruit White Wine Spritzer 3007 Web - Grapefruit White Wine Spritzer
Add 6 ounces of sweet white wine. If you like things extra bubbly, go for a sparkling wine…
Grapefruit White Wine Spritzer 3032 Web - Grapefruit White Wine Spritzer
Garnish with a slice of grapefruit and a sprig of rosemary.
Grapefruit White WIne Spritzer 3046 Web - Grapefruit White Wine Spritzer
Then top with 3-4 ounces of club soda. No stirring necessary!
Grapefruit White Wine Spritzer 2964 Composite Web - Grapefruit White Wine Spritzer
That’s it! Super easy and totally delicious! 
Grapefruit White Wine Spritzer 2976 Composite Web 200x200 - Grapefruit White Wine Spritzer

Grapefruit White Wine Spritzer Recipe

This easy spritzer is the perfect combo of tart citrus and sweet white wine. It's great anytime of year!

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how to make 100 dollars a day
How To Make Money From Home When You Need Extra Cash

Are you in desperate need of cash and want to make money fast now?
Want to know how to make 100 dollars a day online and offline?
Perhaps you’re also trying to look for a money-making hobby or the perfect side hustle weekend job for some extra cash.
I get it.
You feel like you’re constantly running low on your monthly funds after paying all your bills like rent, food, utilities, insurance, and car.
There’s probably not enough to cover for your basic living expenses let alone an entertainment fund.
I know exactly how you feel and that’s why you’re here to learn how to make a $100 in one day.
Being able to make extra money could help you save more and spend more.
Imagine what you could do with the extra money. You could…
  • Get out of debt fast
  • Stop living paycheck to paycheck
  • Build an emergency fund
  • Increase your savings rate to invest
  • Spend or splurge on things that matter to you
  • Gain financial freedom at a younger age
Whether you’re saving to fund that dream vacation, for extra spending on things that make you happy, or to sock away for your retirement, that extra money you earn from a side job or hobby could give you A LOT more flexibility in your budget to live more and achieve financial independence sooner.

Want to make extra money right now? I recommend using Survey Junkie today so you can get paid for taking easy surveys online. This is one of my favorite survey sites and I use it to earn an EXTRA $20 to $50 a month in “free money” because it doesn’t cost anything to sign up.
You can sign up for Survey Junkie for FREE here and start making money online immediately. They pay up to $45 per survey🙂

Table of Contents

How to make 100 dollars a day

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Before you read this list about how to make a hundred dollars a day, I highly recommend working on building up your skills regardless of your age.
Whether you’re a teenager or someone in your 30s, the best way to earn more is to learn as much as possible because your knowledge is a valuable asset that is often overlooked.
For instance, one of the fastest ways to make an extra $100 a day is to become an expert at your job.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a part-time barista at Starbucks earning minimum wage or in a comfortable office making $50,000 per year. Take the initiative to do more than your job responsibilities and spend the time to network with others. No matter how tough times may seem, you’d be really surprised at how much more you’ll earn over the long run just by doing these two things alone.
Aside from this solid advice, you could go through this list and find ways to make extra money today. Some of these ideas could even turn from a fun side hustle into a successful full-time business.
Here’s how to make money today when you need it urgently.

How to make 100 dollars a day online for free

Many people want to know how to make 100 dollars a day online without investment, and I have to admit that it’s much harder if you’re looking for absolute free ways to make money online without paying anything.
However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t combine these ideas and earn $100 in a day or more, so let’s start off with the free ways to make money online today!

1. Make $100 with paid surveys

Some people asked how to make $100 a day with PayPal by taking paid surveys.
OK, let me make it clear.
You won’t make millions from taking surveys online but it is a fun, safe and legitimate way to make extra money today.
I’ve been earning PayPal money from the best online survey sites for almost 10 years. They didn’t make me rich nor did I make $100 a day with them, but they did help me earn $50 to $100 PayPal cash or free gift cards in a month.
You could use this extra cash in however way you like. I personally used it for some extra spending such as going to the movies or dining out with my friends.
Here are the only top survey sites I recommend. They all have very good to EXCELLENT ratings with Trustpilot reviews, so you don’t need to search further since these are the only legitimate companies that actually pay you cash or free gift cards for giving your opinion.

Swagbucks – This survey and cashback app has been in the business since 2008 and I’ve been using them for 10 years to earn free cash and gift cards. You could choose PayPal cash as an option, but I generally redeem gift cards because they offer a lot of selections to the stores I like. I’ve already earned over $5,000 with Swagbucks since becoming a member. You can start earning cash immediately when you join Swagbucks today for FREE. Plus get a FREE $5 bonus just for signing up!

PRO TIP: Once you sign up, don’t forget to quickly verify the e-mail from Swagbucks to claim your $5 welcome bonus and you can start earning immediately!

Survey Junkie – Trust my words on this. This is one of the most popular and trustworthy sites when it comes to earning money online with just surveys. I use Survey Junkie during my spare time to earn an extra $50 when I need some spending money. Join Survey Junkie right here and you could earn up to $45 per survey.

MyPoints – This is owned by the same parent company as Swagbucks and you earn money online just by taking surveys, watching videos, and shopping online. If you join MyPoints today, they’ll send you a FREE $10 bonus! Who can say no to free money?
Don’t forget to verify your e-mail from MyPoints to get your free sign-on bonus.

Vindale Research – This is a research company that pays you for your opinion on products and services. They want to understand consumers like you so they could create products that are tailored to what you want and like. I can honestly say that I like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie and MyPoints better after using all four. I’ve experienced better earning opportunities with them, but every survey taker will be different. It’s still worth a try because when you join Vindale Research today, you could earn up to $50 per survey. They are one of the highest-paid survey sites and it’s free to join.

Remember, if you want to increase your income and make money, you must put in the work. No one will feel sorry for you and give you money without doing anything.
To give you a boost in motivation, here is one of the many deep and famous quotes about making money by a Spanish poet and playwright in the turn of the 16th century,
“Never stand begging for that which you have the power to earn.” Miguel de Cervantes

making money quotes

2. Get paid to watch videos online

how to make 100 dollars in one day
Big brands are looking to pay consumers like you consumers to watch short snippets of their content. That includes videos you watch on TV every day like movie trailers or new product features.
These established “get paid to sites” like Swagbucks will pay you to watch these types of videos online. Just like survey sites, you won’t get rich but you could up to $500 each month when you are consistent at doing these online activities like how you normally do every day.
In addition to joining Swagbucks, I recommend signing up for InboxDollars because they pay you to watch videos too! They are essentially owned by the same parent company of Swagbucks so you can count on them paying you on time.
Not convinced?
Here’s the thing. Big brands of the products/services you use pay Swagbucks and InboxDollars. They will share a portion of their earnings with you when you watch their videos online. You can even complete a short and easy survey for cash while you’re catching up on the latest celebrity gossip or looking up a recipe video!
These companies paid out over $300 million to their members who enjoy watching videos.
That could be you when you sign up for InboxDollars here for FREE. Also, get a FREE $5 bonus from them today. Just remember to confirm the e-mail from InboxDollars so you can claim your $5 bonus and start getting paid to watch videos you’ll enjoy!

3. Invest your time in crafts that make money

Another creative way to make money from home is to take advantage of your crafting skills.
Can you sew, knit, draw, upcycle or make home decor items using classic mason jars?
The earning power is endless when you come to discover your hidden talent in crafting. You’d be surprised to find out that you’re actually more creative and artsy than you think.
Here is a list of easy crafts to make and sell for a profit. I highly recommend reading this post because you’ll be amazed at how many cool things you can sell and make for money!

4. Teach English online from home

One creative way to make money from home is by teaching English online.
If you’re looking for a side hustle to earn $100 per day online, then joining Education First (EF) or VIPKID may be a life-changing opportunity for you.

Education First (EF)

EF provides the highest quality teaching platform to attract the highest quality teachers. You’ll provide a 25-minute one-on-one online class from home to kids aged 5 to 10.
Earn $20 an hour and work whatever schedule is best for you. It’s a flexible work from home job that allows you to choose your hours without interfering with your day.
You can learn more about Education First here.


Similar to Education First, you’ll teach English to Chinese students and lead one-on-one English classes whenever and wherever works for you.
You could teach every day or every other Friday. You could work from home or at your local coffee shop. You are your own boss and you set the hours.
VIPKID was rated by Forbes as one of the top work from home jobs and they are currently looking to recruit remote teachers like you.
You can apply to VIPKID here and earn up to $22 per hour plus referrals, incentives, and other opportunities.

5.  Deliver food with Uber Eats

It doesn’t take a lot of skills to deliver food with Uber Eats. You could be earning extra money whenever you want during your free time.
You could deliver food in the mornings, the evenings or nights. The job is flexible and you are your own boss who sets your schedule.
If you need cash right now, I recommend signing up for Uber Eats. The application process is very simple and it’s easy to start earning money immediately when you need cash today.
You could also look into other similar options like Postmates or DoorDash.

6. Deliver groceries with Instacart

If you want to make extra money during your spare time along with delivering food from restaurants, you can also check out Instacart.
This is a company that pays you to pick up other people’s orders from grocery stores.
Shoppers use the Instacart app and receive a shopping list of items from customers before picking up the order.
The company says you can expect to earn up to $25 an hour.
However, according to Huffpost sources, the writer says “during busy shifts, shoppers can earn $20 or more an hour depending on tips. When shifts aren’t busy, several employees said their minimum hourly base pay was $10, and that their typical hourly pay usually hovered around that figure.”
There seem to be mixed reviews, but if you’re looking to make extra money, it’s worth a try to see how you like it.

7. Start a blog and make $100 a day

Starting a blog can become a lucrative way to make 100 dollars a day or more.
You could make money blogging through various methods such as displaying ads on your site, using affiliate marketing, sponsorships, creating your own products, selling your services online, and more.
Of course, starting a blog isn’t as easy as how most successful bloggers make it look or sound. It will determine a lot of hard work and effort on your part.
Not just that, but you’ll need to understand how a blog makes money along with many aspects of the business itself.
If you enjoy talking about a certain topic and are passionate about sharing your ideas with the world, then you can get started with a cheap hosting plan, domain name, and ideas on how to promote your content to gain traffic and readership.

8. Make money on YouTube

If you don’t want to start a blog and write, the alternative is to go on YouTube. That’s if you love being on TV.
You hear so many people make $100 in a day or more just by creating their own YouTube channel.
From beauty to electronics and toy reviews, you could make money on YouTube by providing helpful content and speaking to your audience.
Similar to blogging in some ways, you could make money online by displaying ads on your channel, using affiliate marketing, and creating your own products.

9. Become a proofreader

Are you that person who loves to catch spelling mistakes and grammar errors?
So many businesses are hiring professional proofreaders who have the eyes of an eagle to review their content for error prior to publishing.
You could make $100 a day in extra money with this type of side hustle. The great thing about this job is that it offers flexibility and you could work from home as long as you have a computer and access to a good internet connection.
If you’re interested in becoming a proofreader, you can search online through websites like and
Are you a total beginner who has no experience in proofreading? You can sign up for a free workshop and learn how to become a proofreader.

10. Make $100 a day with a yard sale

I used to think selling your old or unused stuff was lame.
I didn’t think anyone could make much money with this method but I was wrong.
If you need money fast, I highly recommend taking the day to look for things that are in good to excellent condition, or things that you don’t use anymore around your house.
There were many days where I made $100 or more just from selling my junk. In total, I made thousands of dollars just hosting a garage sale or selling things online.
Here is a list of items you could sell for extra money fast:
  • Clothes, shoes, and jewelry in good condition
  • Backpacks, laptop bags, handbags, fanny packs, etc.
  • Old laptops, cellphones, and tablets
  • Furniture like chairs, tables, desks, bed frames, and cabinets
  • Old but working appliances
  • Working light fixtures, lamps, and pendants

By now, you should know that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

11. Do handyman jobs on the side

If you need to get 100 dollars fast, you can become what they call a “Pro” at Handy.
Handy is not an employer. Instead, this leading platform helps in connecting people who are looking for household services with high quality and pre-screened independent service professionals.
Side jobs that allow you to earn money include cleaning homes and handyman services.
The work is flexible and you can choose when you want to work. This could be a full-time income opportunity or a side hustle that earns an extra $100 a day.
Payments are made in direct deposits to your bank as soon as your job is done.
You can take a look to see what jobs are available at today.

12. Become a driver

If you already own a car, then you could make 100 dollars a day by driving people to their desired destination during your spare time.
I have many friends and family friends who make $100 fast in a day by taking advantage of their vehicles.
You can sign up with Uber or Lyft and start making money.
Just be sure to take into consideration the cost of your car and gas when you’re using it as an asset to make extra money. I highly recommend planning your trips and keep in mind the amount of distance. With a little bit of planning and strategy, you could make an extra $100 in a day.

13. Rent your car for up to $100 a day

Aside from using your car to drive people around, you could also leverage it by renting it for up to $100 a day with Turo.
Turo is like the Airbnb of car rentals and you could make 100 dollars a day depending on your car.
According to Ridester, pricing is set by car owners and dependent on the car you want to rent. For a truly premium ride like a Lamborghini, it may be a few hundred dollars per day to rent, but for more economical drives, you might find something nice for $25 a day.
With a Tesla Model S, you could earn about $100 a day so you could almost think of it as getting paid to drive a Tesla if you don’t mind lending it out on days your car is available. This extra income may help finance your car, pay for gas and insurance.
If you have concerns about liability or damage, you can read and learn more about Turo’s policy on insurance coverage.

14. Make $100 a day by as a virtual assistant (VA)

If you want to learn how to make 100 dollars a day from home or potentially more, you could look into becoming a virtual assistant.
An online virtual assistant usually helps businesses manage social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, answer e-mails, handle customer service, and other administrative tasks related to blogging or online businesses.
To become a good VA, you must be good with time management, problem-solving and adding value to the company.
If you’re an organized individual who falls under this category and is excellent with administrative tasks, then becoming a VA may be the perfect opportunity for you to earn $100+ a day.
Meet Gina who made over $4,000 per month as a virtual assistant while having a full-time job. You can read more about her story on how to become a Virtual Assistant with no experience and grab Gina’s FREE list of 150+ Services You Can Offer as a VA here!

15. List an extra room on Airbnb

You could earn some serious cash and make 100 dollars a day or more when you rent out your extra room on Airbnb.
There are so many travelers who book with Airbnb because the prices are generally more affordable than the hotel. Depending on your city and location, you could earn $50 to $100 in a day per room or even more.
If you were to rent that extra room for $100 per day, that’s an extra $2,000 per month in income for you.
To increase your chances of earning more and becoming a successful Airbnb host, you must offer a clean and cozy place for your guests. You’ll also need to consider the proximity of the top places to visit around your city.
You can learn more about becoming an Airbnb host and how it works here.

16. Make 100 dollars a day by investing

If you haven’t started saving aside for assets like stocks, bonds, or exchange-traded funds, then it’s time to start today.
You won’t get instant results when you start now but you’ll notice that your assets will most likely grow over time.
Investing is one of my favorite ways to make $100 per day because it’s entirely passive compared to almost anything else out there. I started early and today I’m earning money on both the appreciation of the investments and in the form of dividends and income.
It’s time to research what types of online brokerage accounts are right for you so that you could potentially make 100 dollars a day by investing.
You can learn about the importance of investing and why you should start today.

17. Make 100 dollars a day by babysitting

Do you enjoy playing with kids and caring for them?
You could earn $100 a day in extra money if you consider babysitting as something fun.
To get started, you can create a caregiver profile at provides an online forum for families and caregivers such as babysitting services to connect with each other, arrange care, and share caregiver advice.
Once your profile is ready, you can do a simple search on the website based on the type of care you want to provide along with your location.
They also have pet sitting services available too!
Other services you could provide are household help, pet care, tutoring, senior care, and special needs care.

18. Make money by walking dogs

Similar to babysitting, you can make extra money by providing care for pets.
You can start by signing up for Rover as a dog sitter and you’ll be connected with pet owners in your local area who are looking to pay someone to pet sit or walk their dogs.
Rover services include:
Dog boarding – Provide dog or cat care services overnight at your home and earn up to 2x more.
Dog walking – pick up dogs and walk them according to your schedule.
Doggy daycare – If you’re already working from home, then you could also earn while caring for dogs at your place.
According to, you can withdraw your payments two days after you have completed the job.

19. Make money fast by doing odd jobs

Do you need to make money fast today?
Did you know that everyone is so busy that they don’t have time to get things done around the home?
These are regular chores like picking up groceries, helping someone move, handyman jobs, and assembling Ikea furniture.
You can become what they call a “Tasker” at TaskRabbit and be someone’s hero today. Depending on the job you take, you could make 100 dollars a day by helping people with their everyday to-dos.
Other places you could find odd jobs for extra money include Fiverr, Amazon Mechanical Turk, or GigWalk.

20. Flip things for a profit

Are you passionate when it comes to thrifting or finding valuable pieces at flea markets?
Do you like salvaging old things and adding value to them so you could sell for profit?
If this is something you truly enjoy doing, then you’ll love it even more if you could earn more than $100 a day!
Meet Melissa and Rob who can show you how they make a full-time income from flipping almost anything they come across at yard sales and flea shops.
They make over $100,000 a year working roughly 20-30 hours a week and they can show you how in their Flea Market Flipper University course.

21. Get paid to shop online

Do you love shopping online?
Well, then… you may as well get paid to do it!
I like to use Rakuten daily to earn cashback on my purchases. I’ve literally earned over $3,000 in FREE money without any effort since becoming a member. It’s totally free to use, so I’d be silly if I didn’t take advantage of the perks.
You could earn up to 40% cashback on the things you buy online.
Realistically, I would say on average you could earn between 3% to 6% cashback but during special seasons, you could earn as much as 15% cashback. Big retailers include the shops you buy from on a regular basis like Macy’s, Target, Walmart, Amazon, Kohl’s and more.
The great thing is you could stack up your Rakuten cashback earnings with store discounts, coupons, credit card rewards, and other saving resources to get the best deal.
You can create a FREE Rakuten account today and get a FREE $10 bonus after making spending at least $25.

22. Sell your photos and earn passive income

Do you love bringing your camera everywhere you go?
Anytime you see the perfect scenery, you immediately pull out your camera to snap the perfect shot.
If that sounds like you then you may want to look into how to make money selling photos online.
Websites that give you the opportunity to make money with your photos include Shutterstock or iStockphoto.
How it works is you upload your photo and hope that there will be people who will download your image thousands of times. You’ll earn a percentage of each download and this may be a good form of passive income if you can get many interested buyers.

Final thoughts on how to make $100 in a day fast

I have to be honest and say that learning how to make 100 dollars a day isn’t easy. But at the same time, it’s not entirely hard as long as you’re willing to put in the work and effort in achieving your goal.
The key is to find a side hustle or job that you actually enjoy.
For example, you hear many success stories of how people started their blogs or photography gig and made over $1,000,000 in a year.
The truth is those people were very motivated and had a strong interest in learning more about the business idea. Let’s not forget, it takes time to implement what you learn too.
Whether you start one of these money-making ideas as a side gig or your intention is to turn it into a full-time business, it is important to know what you like doing during your spare time.
Things work differently for everyone so the best way to find out is to try and test them out. If you really want to meet your goal of making $100 a day online, then you’ll need to stick with the idea and be ready to learn.
Do you know of any other ways that make $100 in a day? Share your ideas in the comment below!